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Supervision & Regulation

As a financial firm based in the Netherlands we are obliged to comply with the legislation and regulation rules put in place by the EU, we are fully MIFID II compliant, authorized and registered by the below financial regulators.


AFM Supervision

Financial companies are subject to supervision by the Netherlands Authority for Financial Markets (AFM). This supervision is aimed at orderly and transparent financial market processes, clear relationships between commercial partners and careful treatment of clients.

The section in the FSA concerning supervision of financial companies contains the regulations that financial companies must adhere to when offering their services, such as regulations for informing consumers (transparency) and the obligation of care for financial companies.

The AFM ensures that, when offering various products and services, Florint complies with the Financial Supervision Act (FSA).

Florint B.V. possesses all relevant licenses in accordance with article 2:96 of the FSA


Dutch Securities Institute (DSI)

Florint B.V. is a registered DSI participant. DSI aims to improve consumer confidence in financial markets by issuing a persons register for specialists within the financial services sector, who meet the requirements in terms of expertise, integrity and work experience. It incorporates them into a public register which can be found at


DNB Supervision

Florint B.V falls under the prudential supervision of DNB (Dutch central bank). Prudential supervision consists of financial supervision and supervision of internal operations.

Financial supervision
Article 3:53 section 1 of the FSA stipulates that an investment company based in the Netherlands, which offers investment services within the Netherlands, must possess sufficient equity capital. DNB uses certified accounts from the investment company to determine whether it complies with the equity capital requirement established in the Prudential regulations Act (art 48 under f, g or h). Further, DNB uses a business plan to evaluate whether the company can continue to fulfil this requirement. Florint has a strong capital position and comfortably meets the capital requirements of DNB.

Internal operations
Article 4:14 section 1 of the FSA requires an investment company to set up operations so that they guarantee controlled and honest execution of its business activities. DNB has established that the description of operations at Florint B.V. contains clear procedures that guarantee the investment company will continue to comply with the capital requirements. Also refer to

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